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Hi there!  If you have stumbled upon this blog, you are likely contemplating getting a new headshot.  GOOD FOR YOU!!  And, you’re likely wondering what to wear.  Well, I wrote this blog just for you, then.   It’s no secret that your outfit can make or break your headshot, and there’s several reasons for that.  Here’s why:

First, the color, print and fit of an outfit is crucial for the overall aesthetic of the photograph.  Bright, bold, colors help make the photo and you “pop”.  Whites, beiges, grays and blacks will obviously create a more dull over-all image.  It all depends on what you are going for.  But, your hair color, eye color and skin color should all be taken into consideration.  What colors compliment you and your hair/eyes/skin the best?  And the fit it crucial to ensure that your top/jacket fits properly and doesn’t stretch or wrinkle due to improper fit.   My recommendation is always to bring a couple of outfit changes, even if it’s just different colored tops, and see what works best.  As you can see, that’s exactly what Debbie did on this shoot.  Two different colored tops and you have a very nice variety to work with!  In her case, both looked stellar on her!  And ladies, accessories can add a beautiful touch to your outfit.  But keeping it minimalistic for a professional headshot is also preferable.  If you have a tendency to over-do it, take advice from the iconic Coco Chanel who said, “Before you leave the house, look in the mirror and take one thing off.”

Second, your outfit dictates your mood and the confidence, or lack of confidence, that you exude in your photo.  We all know the feeling of discomfort when we’re wearing something we don’t feel confident or comfortable in.  It translates into our expression, our posture and our attitude.  Moral of the story, you want to pick an outfit that you (1) feel comfortable in and (2) feel confident in.  Not to sound cliche, but it should make you feel like a million bucks!

Third, your outfit should reflect the message you are attempting to relay with your photo.   If you are trying to relay professionalism, ladies, please be mindful of your neck line.  Often times, women come in with shirts that are just a tad too low cut.  They don’t realize it until they see the image on the screen, and then it’s too late.  Gentleman, same goes for you.  If you are looking to relay more of a corporate vibe, bring along a tie and suit jacket.  You can always take off the tie for a couple of shots, but you’d rather have it then not.

Bottom line, dress to impress.  Your headshot relies on more than just your face.  Perhaps Coco Chanel did say it best: “Dress like you are going to meet your worst enemy today.”

If you are in the Denver or surrounding area in Colorado, we’d love to set up a session for you!  I’m also happy to chat with you before the shoot to discuss and help you find your perfect outfit selection beforehand.  Just click here to reach out.  Looking forward to hearing from you!

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