Professional Headshot Session | Lauren

Hey there all you fine folks!  Today, I want to talk to you about why you need a professional headshot, even though you’re not in the corporate / business / acting / modeling world.

Professional headshots are your first “virtual” impression, before you meet a potential client, partner, employer or love interest, face to face.  Your headshot can live on Linkedin, your personal web site, resume and, yes, your dating profile.  It is a vital component of who you are.  It’s you, in a visual representation.  Yes, listing your plethora of degrees, employment history, skills and hobbies provides the “facts” about you, but nothing relays the essence of you quite like the photographic evidence of you.

So think about it.  Whether you are trying to build your brand, promote your talent, solicit clients, find a job or find your partner in life, a confident, evocative and professional headshot invites the world in and gives them an instant “hi, nice to meet you!”

And that’s exactly what Lauren did with her headshot session as you can see below.  I think she is making a stellar first impression, no?!?!

We’d love to help you make that first impression!  Contact us here to set up your session!

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