Corporate Headshot Session | Bill

Another work week, another blog!  It’s been an incredibly fun journey so far getting to meet people & photograph people from all walks of life.  A day doesn’t go by that I’m not surprised by the background and career paths of my clients.  While a lot of the people I meet are at a cross-roads or new endeavor, there are some that have been in their position for decades.  Bill is one of those folks.  He has been a successful member of the corporate financial industry for over 2 decades!  Yes, 2.

While you might be thinking to yourself, “why does someone who’s that established need a new corporate headshot?”, the reason for this goes to a very important point about life in general.   We all know that the only way to grow in life is to learn and push yourself beyond your status quo.  And those who are go-getters know that you can’t wait for opportunity, you have to create it.  Having stability in a job is not a given.  It’s the mark of being valued and continuing to be valued.   And you create your own value.  It’s the little things that help create your value.

And while a new corporate headshot may seem like an after-thought or “who cares?”, think about the last time you saw someone’s outdated, 1995, generic headshot.  Did you make a subconscious judgment about that headshot?  Did you think to yourself, “geez, why isn’t this person updating their headshot?”  Or, “oh boy, people probably say the same thing about me.”  If so, what’s stopping you from stepping into the now?  If you don’t push yourself to keep your value at its peak, what makes you think others will?  Reach out and let’s make it happen!

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