Meet the owner, Christina Cookson

Hi there!  I’m Christina.  My life has been a crazy and amazing adventure so far.  I’ve lived on three different continents, including Europe, Asia and of course North America.  I’m also a recovering attorney and originally from the East Coast.  In 2008, I moved to Colorado, fell in love with its beauty and obtained my Master’s degree at the University of Colorado at Boulder.   After a few years, life took me back out East.  But, the whole time I was back on the East Coast, I was plotting my return to beautiful Colorado.  While I practiced law full-time throughout those years, I also continued to pursue and hone my photograph skills.  I ultimately started my photography business part-time on weekends.  As the plan to return to Colorado came closer to fruition, I decided that photography was my one and only calling and what I want to do with my life.   So, I followed my passion for photography and my love for Colorado, and fulfilled a life-long dream to make this my career here in Denver.  As a member of the corporate, and now, creative, world, I understand the need for quality professional headshots that capture your essence and exude confidence.  I also understand the frustrations that can come with the process, especially having myself gone through it.  There is nothing worse than feeling disappointed with your final product.  That’s why I have collected the best camera and lighting equipment, and why I make sure to talk to you about what your goals and trepidations are.  Everyone is unique in their needs, and I’m acutely aware of that on every shoot.  Now, how can I help YOU?