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Christina Cookson is a Denver based photographer focusing on professional headshots, portraits, corporate headshots and commercial work.

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Acting, Modeling, & Artist Headshots

Headshots are your introduction to your audience. Whether you’re an actor preparing for upcoming auditions, a model collecting test photos for your modeling portfolio, or an entertainment professional seeking pictures for your press kit, we have the equipment and experience to tailor your session to any and all of your needs.

Corporate & Business Headshots

Are you in the market for a professional headshot to submit to potential employers or a company seeking corporate headshots for the your web site? We strive to assist all Denver-metro area employees, employers, for-profit and non-profit companies with their employee profiles, advertising, marketing and commercial use. Engineers, doctors, attorneys, accountants, realtors and financial planners are just some examples of our corporate clients.

Editorial & Dating Headshots

If you have a creative endeavor that requires an equally creative and professional headshot, we would love to work with you. Looking for fashion and beauty, or commercial photography such as product, advertising and architectural design? Do you need a flattering, unique and quality photograph for your dating profile to help you find the love of your life? Look no further!

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Headshot Photography With Specific Background(s)

I get this question a lot, so I though I’d do a quick blog about it.  I often get inquiries from clients asking if I am able to superimpose a studio photo of them onto a specific background that their employer uses for all of their headshots.  The answer is absolutely yes, we can.  Check out this quick blog to see how we do it!